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Get to know us at Progressive Power Group. Our team will look after your projects and ensure that all aspects are being taken care of. We have technical experts, a design and engineering group, highly skilled in-house crews and qualified project managers available for all your needs.

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Ross Butcher

Principal, CEO

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F:  714.899.2323


Ross Butcher is the CEO and co-founder of Progressive Power Group, Inc. He became involved with renewable energy because he believes that every generation is responsible for leaving something of value for future generations. Ross is responsible for the coordination and facilitation of the corporate strategy. He has a MBA from Pepperdine University and has held executive positions for the last twenty-five years in a number of companies in various industries including Signet Scientific, Boone International, Flowline, and Extreme Engineering. Ross is married to Lorraine, a clinical scientist, and they have two adult sons: Troy, a member of SAG during the day and an accountant at night, and Ryan, a graduate of Reed College in Portland, Oregon and currently an adventure guide in Alaska. Lorraine and Ross are the proud owners of two Doodles, Jackie the Labradoodle and Moose the Goldendoodle.

Chris S

Chris Staskewicz

Principal, Commercial Sales

P:  714.899.2300 ext 204
F:  714.899.2323
M:  617.283.3178


Chris Staskewicz is a Principal and co-founder of Progressive Power Group, Inc (PPG).  He is responsible for commercial and utility sales, strategy and customer relations.  Chris has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from the University of Utah.  Prior to PPG, he worked as a statistical and economic consultant to Charles River Associates, Cornerstone Research, the Harvard School of Public Health and other consulting groups in the Boston, MA area.  Chris is married to his wife Evin, has twins Gwen and Drew and a happy lab named Lambeau.


Chris Hammerstone

Principal, Sales

P:  714.899.2300 ext 203
F:  714.899.2323


Chris Hammerstone is a Principal of Progressive Power Group, Inc.  He is responsible for residential and commercial sales, key accounts and customer relations.  Chris attained a Bachelor’s degree in Crimanal Justice from the California State University, Long Beach. Prior to PPG, he worked in the finance and commercial real estate sectors.  Chris moved into the energy sector with PPG to help change the direction from petroleum based consumption to renewables.  Chris is married to his wife Courtney.

PPG Large Trevor

Trevor Kutz

Key Accounts, RME

P:  714.899.2300 ext 202
F:  714.899.2323



Trevor Kutz is the RME of Progressive Power Group and is responsible for the overall quality and safety of the organization. Trevor studied construction management at the California State University, Long Beach before starting his own construction firm. Trevor holds a California & Florida General (Class B) and Electrical (C10) license along with over 10 years of industry related experience. Trevor is also responsible for business development and key account management. Trevor is married to his wife Alyssa and he has two young sons, Maverick and Landon.


Travis Mashin

General Manager

P:  714.899.2300 ext 206
F:  714.899.2323


Travis Mashin is the General Manager of Progressive Power Group, Inc. Travis is responsible for defining and executing operations initiatives, overseeing the facilities, and building lasting relationships with new and existing clients and partners. Travis graduated Magna Cum Laude from California State University Sacramento with a Bachelor’s degree in Rhetorical Criticism and Public Communication. Prior to PPG, Travis was an entrepreneur with international experience, having started and developed the United States division of the largest artificial climbing wall brand in the world today. Travis and his wife Elena participate in numerous sports and outdoor related hobbies, and have two wonderful dogs, Chairman, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Indy, a Miniature Poodle.

Scott Kessinger

Scott Kessinger is responsible for all Project Management and Key Accounts for commercial and utility projects.  He has constructed several solar and wind farms ranging from fixed tilt ground mount systems, fixed roof mount, and single‐axis trackers in all areas of the United States and Puerto Rico.  His direct project experience totals 300MW of wind installation and 50MW of photovoltaic with project budgets over $100M.

Martin (2)

Martin Diaz

Utility/Commercial Operations Manager

P:  714.899.2300 ext 211
F:  714.899.2323
M:  714.679.9925


Martin Diaz is the Operations Manager for the Commercial/Utility division. Martin is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, implementation, execution, control and completion of commercial and utility projects ensuring consistency with company strategy, commitments and goals. Martin has managed over 25 megawatts of residential, commercial, and utility projects over the past 6 years. Martin is married to his beautiful wife Sierra and has a queenly cat named Bonnie.


Andre Sewell

Utility/Commercial Superintendent

P:  714.899.2300
F:  714.899.2323

Andre Sewell is a Superintendent for the Commercial / Utility division where he is responsible for all aspects of the onsite construction. He has been working in the electrical trades for the past 10 years and has spent the last 5 years working with Progressive Power Group honing in his PV skills. Andre has led crews in all aspects of mechanical and electrical PV installation ranging from small residential roof mounts to multiple megawatt ground mount solar farms. Andre has a strong sense of craftsmanship and pushes the crew to perform at the highest quality. With determination to get the job done accurately and on time. Andre is a key component in the Progressive Power Group management team.